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When it comes to virtualization and VMware technology, staying up to date with the latest trends, best practices, and industry insights is crucial. The vExpert program, initiated by VMware, recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the virtualization community. These vExperts possess a wealth of knowledge and experience and often share their expertise through blogs and social media platforms. In this article, we present 10 vExperts worth following in order to enhance your understanding of virtualization and VMware technology.

Duncan Epping

Duncan Epping, known as the "Chief Technologist" at VMware, is a prominent figure in the virtualization world. He regularly shares his insights on his blog, Yellow Bricks, and Twitter. His expertise covers a wide range of topics, including VMware vSphere, virtualization design, and cloud computing.



LinkedIn:Duncan Epping

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Frank Denneman

Frank Denneman is an esteemed vExpert with a strong focus on performance and resource management in virtualized environments. His blog,, is a treasure trove of articles that explore advanced VMware concepts. You can also follow him on Twitter for real-time updates and discussions.



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William Lam

As a senior staff solution architect at VMware, William Lam is a go-to resource for virtualization automation and scripting. His blog, virtuallyGhetto, is a valuable hub of scripts, tools, and tutorials. Follow him on Twitter for automation tips and insights into VMware ecosystem developments.



LinkedIn:William Lam

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Cormac Hogan

Cormac Hogan is a widely respected vExpert who focuses on storage, hyper-convergence, and cloud-native applications within the VMware ecosystem. His blog, CormacHogan, covers a wide range of topics, including vSAN, vSphere, and containerization and he has written a number of books on key virtualization topics, in both English and Chinese. You can also follow him on Twitter for the latest updates.



LinkedIn:Cormac Hogan

Photo of Cormac Hogan

Luc Dekens

Luc Dekens is renowned for his expertise in PowerCLI, VMware's command-line interface for automation and management. His blog,, is a valuable resource for PowerCLI tips, tricks, and scripts. Stay updated with his insights by following him on Twitter.



LinkedIn:Luc Dekens

Photo of Luc Dekens

Chris Wahl

Chris Wahl, a multi-year vExpert, specializes in data center technologies and automation. His blog, Wahl Network, covers a wide range of virtualization and infrastructure topics. Follow him on Twitter for regular updates on virtualization and technology trends.


‍LinkedIn:Chris Wahl

Photo of Chris Wahl

Michael Webster

Michael Webster, also known as "Long White Virtual Clouds" is an experienced vExpert and focuses on virtualization, cloud computing, and data center architecture. His blog, LongWhiteClouds, provides in-depth articles on VMware technologies. Connect with him on Twitter for engaging discussions and updates.



LinkedIn:Michael Webster

Photo of Michael Webster

Eric Siebert

Eric Siebert is a renowned vExpert who has been contributing to the virtualization community for years. His blog, vSphere-land, offers a wealth of information on VMware products, features, and best practices. Stay connected with Eric on Twitter for the latest industry news.



LinkedIn:Eric Siebert

Photo of Eric Siebert

vMiss (Melissa Palmer)

Melissa Palmer, known as "vMiss," is a vExpert with a strong focus on virtualization, data center technologies, and automation. Her blog,, provides valuable insights into VMware technologies and industry events. Follow her on Twitter for a continuous flow of informative content.



LinkedIn:Melissa Palmer

Photo of vMiss

Jason Boche

Jason Boche is an experienced vExpert who specializes in VMware virtualization, server infrastructure, and cloud computing. His blog,, covers a broad range of virtualization topics and offers detailed guides and tutorials. Connect with him on Twitter for the latest updates and engaging discussions.



LinkedIn:Jason Boche

Photo of Jason Boche

In the dynamic world of virtualization and VMware technology, these 10 vExperts stand out as invaluable sources of knowledge, experience, and insights. By following their blogs and engaging with them on social media platforms, you can stay up to date with the latest trends, discover best practices, and enhance your expertise in the field. Make sure to explore their blogs and connect with them on social media for a journey of continuous learning and professional growth.

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