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User feedback is at the heart of our successful evolution. Our customers regularly provide us with valuable feedback on how best to extend Runecast’s capabilities. Now, in Runecast’s latest version, we are delighted to be able to bring some of those improvements to life.

Painless compliance

Runecast understands the struggle of DISA STIG compliance, the immense amount of STIGs and technical checks that must be undertaken. We’ve worked with many customers to help them on their unique DISA STIG compliance journeys. We know that each check is time away from other important duties, and each manual check is a leech that saps time and energy. 

We created the Runecast platform, which has over 400 STIG checks built in, to ease and speed our users through the journey. Now the majority of these checks can be automated, performed in the system with minimal manual intervention. 

The new challenge we’ve already helped to overcome

The most recent version of DISA STIG for vSphere added additional sections, which targeted different services running as part of the vCenter Server. This meant more work for vSphere admins, collecting and validating configurations. Configurations which had previously passed were now examined to a deeper level, which could mean the need for answering questions not previously asked and proving compliance in new areas.

Because of our intense personal experiences in the struggle of compliance, we have extended our STIG coverage and vSphere collection. Runecast is now able to address 5 full sections of the the latest DISA STIG rules for VMware 7.0. As far as we are aware, there’s no other product on the market that offers the breadth of coverage which Runecast does. This is your solution to the challenge posed by DISA STIG compliance. 

Bespoke security

Added to this, our Runecast team has been hard at work building new ways to ease your journey to compliance. This has resulted in a bespoke Runecast extension for osquery. This means that your teams get more information and more automation. This extra data has hugely extended the capabilities of the Runecast platform, so that even more of the DISA STIG and CIS security checks are automated, saving you time and energy.

With the extended coverage given by this extension, Runecast can now automate 100% of the CIS Benchmarks checks for Windows Server. This means no more manual checks. One click, one scan and all the information you need is at your fingertips. And that data comes with solutions: each issue is mapped directly to the technical guideline or benchmark and the remediation steps are shown clearly. 

We’ve also increased the amount of DISA STIG checks which can be automated, doubling down on our commitment to save your teams time and energy. With Runecast, each member of your team has the power to anticipate and mitigate issues like a seasoned veteran.

We’re ready to speed you on your compliance journey. Contact us for a demo now and we’ll show you how simple DISA STIG and CIS compliance can be.

For more information on our recent improvements, read about our CI/CD API and integration here.

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