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Indonesian Cloud increases efficiency and audit readiness

Established in 2011, Indonesian Cloud is an independent cloud service provider, specializing in the delivery of managed IT services based around the principle of on-demand, dynamic, and pay-per-use. As a company with a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and responsible business practices, Indonesian Cloud is guided by its mission, which is to be Indonesia’s most trusted, most reliable, and most secure local cloud provider. Indonesian Cloud operates under a publicly published company code of conduct and publicly publish its service level and penalties under a “full disclosure” policy. To be confident in meeting their publicly available service levels, Indonesian Cloud needed a solution that could report the state of the production environments and how it faired compared to the industry best practices.

They needed a solution that could pinpoint an issue long before it causes any impact to customers. 

“Our customers rely on us to provide them with the IT systems they require to run their business and stay competitive. As such, these systems are critical to our customers success and we pride ourselves in providing a world class service. Any impact to the service we provide would be a knock to our reputation and it is something we work very hard to avoid,”

said Reza Kertadjaja, Chief Operations Officer.



Indonesian Cloud spent a great amount of time searching for a solution that would make their environment more robust from a configuration point of. They trialed a few solutions, but none could meet their requirements when it came to results and ease of use. “When we started testing Runecast Analyzer, I was amazed by the number of issues we were able to find and resolve in a very short time. The report showed us where the issues were, how to fix them and even prioritized them in a easy to understand form. For example, the issue described in KB1027511 was detected on a number of Linux virtual machines. We could then quickly remediate it and easily improve the network performance a big number of VMs,” commented Mr Kertadjaja.

Runecast Analyzer also discovered a NIC card firmware-driver mismatch, resource pool and VMs as siblings in some of the vSphere clusters, which was not in line with Best Practices. The issue caused ineffective prioritization of CPU and Memory resources. “As with all discoveries, Runecast showed the exact affected objects and the detailed description of issue and resolution so we could easily find and fix the problems.”


Runecast Analyzer enabled Indonesian Cloud to review their environment and compare it against vendors' best practices in a fraction of the time it would have ordinarily taken. After all the major potential issues have been resolved, Indonesian Cloud environment is much more robust and the company is confident in meeting all its internal and external Service Level Agreements. “We needed audit tools that could scan our cloud environment and give suggestion/solution how to match our cloud with VMware best practices and we found all that in Runecast Analyzer,” concluded Mr Kertadjaja.

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