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With our upcoming release Runecast is making a bold step towards the future of cloud security. One of our main areas of focus, CNAPP, is expanding and we are too. Not just to keep up, but to be at the forefront of cloud security in both the CNAPP and CSPM space. If you’re not familiar with CNAPP, it’s a relatively new term coined by Gartner and it means Cloud Native Application Protection Platform.

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Gartner defines a Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) as:

“An integrated set of security and compliance capabilities designed to help secure and protect cloud-native applications across development and production. CNAPPs consolidate a large number of previously siloed capabilities, including container scanning, cloud security posture management, infrastructure as code scanning, cloud infrastructure entitlements management and runtime cloud workload protection platforms.”

Runecast is one of the leaders in this space

We know this because we’re one of the few vendors that covers so many technologies, and in our upcoming release we’re adding one more: Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

We already have coverage for AWS, Azure, Kubernetes and VMware, and adding GCP will enable Runecast to provide coverage across an enormous range of hybrid and multi-cloud platforms. The reason we have chosen to add GCP is because, combined with our AWS and Azure support, these three platforms expand Runecast's coverage to 62% of the cloud services market (Canalys report, 2022).

What this means for you is that the same coverage, insight, anticipation and mitigation that you know from previous versions of Runecast is expanding to cover even more places within your infrastructure. We cover physical hardware, virtualization and now the three largest providers of cloud platforms (Runecast already stands out as a ‘High Performer’ in the G2 Grid® for Cloud Workload Protection Platforms). 

You don’t want yet another tool for another service or system, you want fewer tools – with deeper insights and broader reach. That’s what Runecast gives you. A holistic view that enables you to effectively secure and protect cloud-native applications, removing the need for multiple monitoring tools and the slowdown from switching and sharing information between them.

We know that technologies move fast. It’s natural that your teams feel the pressure when it comes to maintaining everything in your mission-critical IT infrastructure. We read articles and speak to people at conferences who tell us how the speed of change, cybersecurity, malicious threat actors and cyber risk keeps them up at night. Runecast is here to help you sleep safely. By understanding what’s coming and demystifying the data, we can anticipate your security and compliance needs and mitigate your risks. We can accelerate your team's capabilities to match the speed of the technologies they’re working with. And it’s all in one streamlined platform, which keeps improving. 

It’s improvements all the way down

You can also look forward to a number of Security, Vulnerability, KSPM and ITOM upgrades. These range from large additions, like improved scanning capabilities, added security standards and deeper levels of information gathering, to small usability improvements that speed up your daily work with Runecast. 

People sometimes deride these ‘quality of life’ improvements, but why? When was the last time you looked at a tool you got value from and were annoyed that it had improved, becoming clearer to look at and easier to get that value from? 

We will go into more detail over the next few weeks on the additions and improvements that are being put into Runecast as this is just a small appetiser. But, suffice to say that our development team have been working on some excellent and exciting improvements, which we can’t wait to tell you more about.

And if you’re new to Runecast, and just jumping in? Well you couldn’t have chosen a better time. Welcome aboard.

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