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Mission-critical can’t afford gremlins

Data center uptime is mission-critical for military and intelligence divisions. Whether in the field or at sea, many of these mobile data centers are updated infrequently (especially if they run as dark sites). When there is time, there are a whole host of upgrades and repairs that can take precedence over remediation of software issues.

As the US Navy looks for novel technologies to improve ship data center troubleshooting in H1 2020, Runecast Analyzer is already being utilized globally by military and federal institutions, making operating their data centers and networks simpler, and providing 100% uptime.

Proactive remediation NOW

Military technical teams are often small and have several other mission-critical jobs, so time is of the essence. Defense divisions across the globe use VMware for their mobile data centers, and where VMware technical support is not available in the field, Runecast Analyzer provides all the answers for immediate – on-premises, offline – remediation of issues.

In cases where specialists would have previously needed to be brought in for troubleshooting, Runecast Analyzer is that (secure) specialist, providing all the required information for immediate remediation. It was built by admins, for admins – for that very purpose.

Using Runecast Analyzer means that there is no need to hunt for knowledge base (KB) articles, best practices (BPs) or security compliance info, because all of this information is embedded within Runecast Analyzer – and resolutions are displayed instantly, so IT personnel can proactively ensure that their mission-critical data centers have 100% uptime.

Mission-critical time can also be lost hunting for keyword issues in host syslog. With Runecast Analyzers log analysis, all these keywords are searched and displayed in an easy to understand format. Granular deep-dive information provides which hosts are having the issues, which programs are causing the issues, and times the issues are happening – to allow sysadmins to pinpoint the issues and move straight to remediation, in time-critical situations.

Infrequent upgrades in the field

Mobile data centers are updated infrequently and, when they are, there are a whole host of upgrades and repairs that can take precedence. RCA saves troubleshooting time and provides ESXi upgrade simulations to ensure mission-critical systems are ready for deployment in short turnaround time.

In summary, no more SNAFUBAR

With Runecast Analyzer, military/defense divisions around the globe are able to ensure uptime for data centers critical to life-saving missions, ensuring the safety of their personnel and the communities they protect.

As RCA provides immediate resolutions proactively, time is saved where it would normally be spent hunting for remedies – ensuring that personnel can focus on other jobs critical to the team and its mission.

By speeding the time to resolution, field specialists can spend more time increasing their VMware skills when not in the field, ensuring faster remediation skills in the field and greater uptime. 

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