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We are happy to announce the latest release of Runecast Analyzer v1.6.5. Besides our regular database update and minor reporting fixes, this version brings the ability to scan and detect CPU chip vulnerabilities known as "MeltDown" and "Spectre" on your VMware infrastructure. 

Runecast Analyzer detects which ESXi hosts are not protected and advise how to patch them against such security vulnerabilities (described in VMware Security Advisory). And because this issue impacts Intel, AMD and ARM chips then almost everybody is impacted at the moment. It's important to properly apply VMware ESXi host patches to ensure application and user data cannot be compromised. Virtualization environment is even more sensitive to this threat because multiple users and programs share the same underlying hardware which increases the likelihood of security breach.  

How to fix Meltdown and Spectre on VMware

The latest version of Runecast Analyzer is available for a download on our customer portal (registered users) or as a free 14-days trial.


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