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Not long ago we released Runecast Analyzer and introduced the new annotations functionality.

Guess what! We are already at v1.0.0.30!

Why are we releasing new builds so often? Well, on one hand, the VMware Knowledge Base is being update all the time - there are new documented issues and some of the older KBs are being updated too. We want to make sure you are always protected from the latest known issues. On another hand, we love introducing new features and thanks to all of you who use our product, we have a lot of ideas on our hands.

One of the requests you had was an improved automated scheduler and now you can find it in v1.0.0.30. As you know, the Runecast Analyzer configuration analysis can be either triggered manually by clicking the Analyze Now button, or you could schedule it to run on regular basis. You could choose the scheduling period in amount of hours or days between each run.

What if you need to schedule the analysis only on specific days of the week at a specific time? You can do that now. Click Settings > Automatic Scheduler > Edit > Automatic and configure the desired schedule:

Runecast Automatic Scheduler

Make sure you get the latest and greatest from Runecast by configuring your Runecast Analyzer appliance for automated renewal. You can do that from the VAMI interface:

1.    Navigate to the Runecast Analyzer appliance admin interface: https://applianceIP:5480.
2.    Login using default credentials:
Username: rcadmin
Password: admin
3.    In the Status tab click Check Updates and then Install Updates

Runecast Analyzer Status View

Since you are already in the updates configuration, you can simply set them up to detect and install automatically. 

4. Click on Settings and select Automatic check and install updates and leave the frequency to Every Day.

That's it!

You haven't deployed Runecast Analyzer yet? Not a problem! It takes just a few minutes - register here and download the latest 1.2GB OVA appliance in minutes.

Happy Runecasting!

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