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Operations teams keep the lights on. It’s unglamorous, often thankless work that can feel like it’s not going to get any easier. Operations teams face a daily battle between planned, proactive work and the reactive, firefighting work that seemingly comes out of nowhere. By all visible indications, neither of these workloads can be avoided or ignored.

We’ve felt that pain and struggle, so we keep working against it. Each team that uses Runecast benefits from the driving idea behind it of ‘wait, shouldn’t this be easier?’ Teams like the DHU Healthcare team, who use Runecast to go from reactive to proactive.

Runecast’s founders were operators and admins of massive estates, having to keep them running and up to date was a daily challenge. This is the spirit that the first version of Runecast Analyzer was born out of and it’s the spirit that keeps us innovating.

In Runecast 6.2 we’re adding more features and innovations to keep making IT Operations easier and easier.

The speed of integration

We’ve added two key integrations to speed up your workflows, increase security and reduce clicks. The first is with OpenID Connect, for multi factor authentication and compliance with SSO solutions. Once Runecast is configured in the Settings page, users will be able to click through with single sign-on speed.

Runecast OpenID Connect

The second addition is direct integration with Jira. As Jira is the #1 software development tool used by agile teams, being able to integrate directly with Runecast means fewer clicks and fewer windows, adding to a sense of decreased friction throughout the working day.

Clearer updates

Some of the new changes are based on feedback from our users. This includes the addition of a ‘Not Analyzed’ state. To reduce confusion, any new rule definitions that are added into Runecast (and our development team is constantly adding to the definitions database) will now show up as ‘Not Analyzed’.

This means if you haven’t yet scanned your environment with the latest definition release you’ll see the ‘Not Analyzed’ result, until your next scan with the new expanded definitions.

Always looking deeper

Added to the improvements above we have improved our OS analysis and extended the library of tags and information collected from vSphere. Both of these points allow us to better communicate any errors or issues found in your environments, as well as adding more details to the Config Vault, for extended tracking of your systems. 

Runecast can’t do all your work for you, but we’re able to automate massive parts of it, integrate with your other tools and reduce the reactive workload. With Runecast and our latest version, we believe that you’ll be more proactive and secure than ever before.

If you don’t believe us, take the Runecast Challenge, because we put our money where our mouth is.

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