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UPDATE: Universities have been added to the free-license offer below.

We are continuously monitoring the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and taking precautionary measures within our team. And as we are also committed to helping reduce operational risk where it’s needed most, we want to do more to help others who are dealing with difficult situations in the coming months. Therefore, we are offering these capabilities effective immediately:

Runecast COVID response - Free Full Licenses for Universities & Hospitals

Free full Runecast Analyzer license – for HOSPITALS & UNIVERSITIES

As organizations globally are grappling with COVID-19, the healthcare industry and universities are particularly stressed by the implications. Hospitals and their IT teams are already impacted by cyber attacks and unexpected outages, and higher education is also facing increased difficulty. We want to assist by providing hospitals/clinics and universities full free licenses of Runecast Analyzer until 15 September 2020, to ensure that these institutions are more capable of maintaining full security compliance and optimal uptime.

Who this applies to

Hospitals/Clinics and universities running VMware and/or AWS that need better tools or solutions for security compliance and downtime mitigation. Security compliance checks include HIPAA, CIS, and NIST.

How it works

Full visibility of VMware and AWS issues – including checks for HIPAA compliance for VMware – will be available to healthcare organizations effective immediately (no budget approval needed), valid until 15 September 2020.

What to do next

Simply download our free trial and then email us at or to request a free license for your healthcare organization.

Full Runecast analytics in trail version for VMware Horizon

Free Runecast Analyzer trial with full VMware Horizon insights enabled – for EVERYONE

Many companies' infrastructures are not ready for remote work. And since organizations globally are enabling safer remote working options to help control the spread of the novel COVID-19, we want to assist by providing free licenses for Horizon issues analysis and remediation until 15 September 2020.

Thanks to that, you can ensure stability and security of your growing virtual desktop infrastructure. No budget approval needed, you can start right now.

Who this applies to

Any organization running VMware Horizon, that needs better tools or solutions for visibility into VMware Horizon environments (for remote office enablement).

How it works

Visibility of all your VMware Horizon issues will be enabled in full (on top of our limited trial view of data center issues). This configuration will be offered to everyone effective immediately. After the standard Runecast Analyzer free 14-day trial, Horizon issues analytics will continue to be valid until 15 September 2020.

We want to thank all individuals and organizations contributing to the fight with COVID-19. Thank you to all our customers and partners for the continued trust. We continue working full speed to help you reduce IT operational risks and increase security.

Stay safe,

Stan Markov, CEO of Runecast

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What to do next?

Simply download our free trial – full Horizon issues analytics will be enabled.

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