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It hasn't been so long ago that we released version "two" of Runecast Analyzer and here we are, again, with its latest version of 2.1. It is no coincidence the 2.1 update comes just prior VMworld 2018 Barcelona show. VMworld motto for this show is: "Possible begins with You" and Runecast wants to contribute to that by introducing additional functionalities to Runecast Analyzer.

1) Management Reporting

It's Friday afternoon and your manager is asking you to provide the "status" of your environment before you go... Does this sound familiar to you? OK, maybe not all managers wait with this exercise till Friday afternoon but they simply ask for it, like it or not. In this case, you will certainly use your Up/Down monitoring system report and perhaps your backup and configuration management report. However, you will still need to summarize what has been done during the last several days or weeks in order to keep the VMware gear uptime at maximum along with no compromise on security. 

And exactly for these situations and reasons, Runecast introduced "management report". There is no need to spend a lot of time configuring or building the report from scratch, it provides a complete and representative report in a single click. It comes in PDF format so that the probability the report won't display or share properly is low. And what's inside such report?

  • Summary of the existing VMware configuration issues and their trends
  • VMware security compliance status
  • Historical data on issue discovery and fixes (ideal to pair with your configuration management report or IT helpdesk report to track what impacted the environment)
  • VMware best practices implementation and trend history 
  • TOP ESXi hosts with the most issues
  • Visual representation of the issues as "VMware layers"
  • Summary of prevalent issues in logs and their historical trend
  • Specific summary status for each of your connected vCenters
  • Detailed list of TOP 50 issues in your VMware environment, including the amounts of affected objects and related VMware products

Here comes an example:

Runecast management report

2) Security auditing automation for HIPAA profile

"Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act" aka "HIPAA" is required by the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) who developed HIPAA privacy and security policy in order to regulate and protect the privacy and security of certain health information. As any other stringent security standard, it may cause considerable difficulties to admins who need to get their environment ready for an ongoing audit. Version 2.1 of Runecast Analyzer is a good news for everyone in such a situation because this version brings the HIPAA security profile and automated checks of the VMware environment.


With the new HIPAA profile you can:

  • Scan and detect HIPAA privacy and security violations
  • Get a detailed explanation of each particular check and how to fix filed ones
  • Provide historical information of HIPAA profile fulfillment for auditors and security teams
  • Report  

In order to enable the new HIPAA profile, go to main Settings -> Security Compliance and select HIPAA. After that, click Analyze Now and wait for the results available under Security Hardening -> HIPAA menu.

Security Compliance Screenshot

Your report may look like this:

Security Hardening HIPAA Screenshot

We believe this new functionality makes VMworld's "Possible begins with You" motto even more tangible. Download our free trial and try it yourself! 

Michal Hrncirik | Head of Product Management

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