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“In 2015 we launched Runecast Analyzer 1.0 at VMworld San Francisco. I won't forget the moment the Solutions Exchange doors opened and people started pouring in. We were anxiously anticipating their reaction to what we'd built. Four years later, VMworld is back to San Francisco and this brings a special feeling of pride, appreciation, and excitement. I feel proud of what we’ve achieved and appreciate the love from customers, partners, and the whole vCommunity. We are excited about meeting everyone and showcasing our brand-new Runecast Analyzer 3.0 – it’s amazing how far we've come!”

When we heard these words from our CEO, Stan Markov, our hearts filled with pride. And now, back home from San Francisco, we know that this year’s VMworld turned out to be even more exciting for us than we’d expected!


Our VMworld Finalist Award

TechTarget named Runecast a 2019 Best of VMworld Finalist in the Virtualization and Cloud Infrastructure Platform category! The award acknowledges Runecast achievements in innovation, value, performance, functionality and ease of use provided to virtualization and cloud infrastructure platforms.

Great Feedback on New v3.0

A few days before our team flew to the US, we had launched Runecast Analyzer 3.0, providing (among other things) scalability improvements, faster configuration analysis, and production-ready Hardware Compatibility Analysis and Upgrade Simulations (that now include vSAN).

VMworld was a great opportunity to get feedback from so many virtualization industry experts and enthusiasts just a few days after the official launch, and we’re glad they like it. Here are features they highlighted the most, which you can use in new version 3.0:

  • ESXi upgradeability simulations. This mind-blowing feature excited everyone. Who doesn’t want to see the future and plan everything according to that, right?
  • New Web Client plug-in, especially looks great in dark mode.
  • Customizable security compliance checks – important improvement for pushing your security compliance to the next level.
  • Proactive Knowledge Base analysis and issue prevention.


Welcome VCDX Number One

We’re happy that our friend John Arrasjid (VCDX #1) joined us at the booth and presented Runecast Analyzer to the broad audience gathered there. While there, he also gave away copies of his book IT Architect Series Foundation, which we’ll bet was on the wish lists of many attendees.

John Arrasjid VCDX 001 Presenting Runecast Analyzer


Watch Our Two VMworld Sessions

If you were at VMworld US this year, you could attend two Runecast speaking sessions! Our Lead VMware Engineer Ivaylo Ivanov spoke about vRO in our CI/CD pipeline. In case you missed it, you can find a recording of it here.

Next, Vladimir Velikov (Senior Engineer in VMware) co-presented with our CEO, Stan Markov, about Next-Gen Troubleshooting Through the vSphere Client UI.


Swag Delivered

Beyond that, we hope you took our advice regarding keeping some free space in a backpack or carry-on bag, because VMworld was (as always) full of cool swag. We’re extremely proud of our limited-edition T-shirts showing a four-year tour of this ‘band’, and which are available only at US and EU VMworlds (come see us in Barcelona!).


Keep in Touch!

It was a great pleasure meeting you all this year at VMworld US in San Francisco! So many nice talks about Runecast Analyzer and how we can develop further. Thank you all and see you in Barcelona on November 4. Until then, follow and engage with us on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook for the latest news!

Your Runecast Team

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