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Every year, around this time, the hearts of techies worldwide start to beat just a little faster as they await the announcement of the new intake of vExperts for the coming calendar year. Will they be accepted? Will they need to wait another six months to submit again?

For those unfamiliar with the vExpert program: it’s a technical advocacy program from VMware. Those accepted are ambassadors for VMware’s tech in the wider world - chatting on Twitter, speaking at events, writing blogs, helping others learn, and generally spreading the good news about VMware technologies. While it’s not a technical award, those granted the status are usually involved in the ecosystem in a big way.

Runecast has been a big supporter of the vExpert program for a long time - we’ve sponsored the vBreakfast that vExperts Fred Hofer and Andreas Lesshulmer have organised for a while now, and we also have an ever-growing number of vExperts on the team. As of the 2021 intake, these are

Stanimir Markov – @sferk - CEO

Aylin Sali – @v4virtual - CTO

Ched Smokovic – @chedsy00 - VP Sales & Marketing

Constantin Ivanov – @const_is - Head of Development

Ionut Radu – @ir_radu - Data Engineer

Ivaylo Ivanov – @ivgivanov - Technical Product Manager & Lead Engineer

Gareth Edwards – @GarethEdwards86 - Systems Engineer

Kev Johnson – @kev_johnson - Technical Marketing Manager

Andre Carpenter - @andrecarpenter - Sales Director - APAC

Warren Legg - @wodge - Senior Product Developer

That’s ten vExperts, 17% of the total staff headcount! We encourage the team to participate in the wider community. It’s a badge of honour to see so many of our team seen as critical members of the global community.

If you are a vExpert (congratulations!) and would like to learn more about Runecast Analyzer, we have great news for you! We offer a free NFR (not for resale) license for the home labs of all current vExperts and exclusive briefings to learn about our cool new features before everybody else. If you’d like to signup, just go to our vExpert signup page.

You can check out the full list of 2021 vExperts in the vExpert Directory.

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