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We are excited at Runecast to be nearing the end of Q2 2021, meaning we are almost halfway through the year! It’s been an interesting time, this post-covid era, with all of us – and our business partners – continuing to look at new ways to shape the solutions we provide and the ways that we can provide greatest value for IT environments.

One year ago

A year ago in June, we were dealing with a new global pandemic situation, which was made better for us by learning in June that Runecast had been named a Cool Vendor by Gartner and that Runecast Analyzer had been granted a US patent.

That month we also launched Runecast Analyzer version, with enhanced Enterprise Console functionality. 

Since then, we greatly expanded both our AWS and VMware coverage (e.g. with automated audits for many new security standards) and as well extended Runecast Analyzer's proactive intelligence to cover Azure and Kubernetes! See Runecast Analyzer Release History.

Our most recent awards

Late in 2020 we were happy to learn that we’d won computing’s SME category awards both at the company level – with Best Place to Work in Digital – and for our Runecast Analyzer software solution – with Cloud Security Product of the Year. These wins served to validate our Founders’ commitment to our employees and customers alike.

We also received several ‘FINALIST’ awards, including computing’s 2020 Leaders Award for Security Project of the Year, its Rising Star Award for Company of the Year, and SDC Awards’ Data Security/Compliance Project of the Year.

See Runecast awards by year.

Runecast Analyzer customer reviews

We’ve 32 Capterra reviews now, to validate our mission to provide IT SysAdmins with a proactive approach to ensuring uptime and security compliance for their mission-critical environments. Earning 4.8/5 stars overall confirms the value that we endeavor to provide, but also shows us room for continued improvement.

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Want to see what Runecast can do for you?

Forward-focused organizations already using Runecast Analyzer to mitigate service risks and ensure maximum uptime and security within their IT environments include (among many others): Chevron, Erste Bank, Raiffeisen Bank, de Volksbank, Fujisoft, Scania, Avast Software, Notino, and the German Aerospace Center (DLR).

When asked their advice to other companies that might be considering using Runecast, Near East Bank stated:

“Runecast Analyzer can be used effectively to reduce the time that your IT staff spends working reactively on risk mitigation and other maintenance projects, freeing up their time to deliver more value from IT operations.”

Asked why they chose Runecast Analyzer over another solution, Aberystwyth University replied:

“There was no tool on the market that did what Runecast Analyzer does. And from a cost perspective, it made more sense than to investigate VMware vRealize Operations. Given the cost and value that Runecast Analyzer offered, it made no sense to even spend time trialling alternatives.”

Likewise, Swiss air-traffic service provider Skyguide stated:

“We didn’t need to do any comparison with Runecast, as there were no other suitable solutions available. We saw immediately that Runecast Analyzer would make things better for us, that it would help us to manage our environment more effectively.”

The German Aerospace Center (DLR) said:

“We use Runecast Analyzer mostly as a solution to warn us of potential problems with new versions or updates before they manifest as real issues. Runecast Analyzer increases the stability and performance of our environment” and has also stated (in a video interview) that Runecast Analyzer helps them to grow food in space. 

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