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If you had to pick 5 best features of Runecast Analyzer what would they be? 

It was a big challenge to narrow it down, but we came up with these Top 5 Runecast Analyzer features you should be using and why.

  1. Config Vault
  2. Remediation
  3. Hardware compatibility
  4. Vulnerabilities
  5. Best Practices


What is it?
Configuration Vault gives you all of the point-in-time data that Runecast Analyzer gathers, with all of the rich filtering capabilities that you know and love and enables you to compare configurations over time.

Why should I use it?

  • Having a baseline to compare current configuration against.
  • Ensuring consistency within a vSphere cluster, as well as other ecosystems.
  • Making sure that all of your pods and containers have the relevant security context.
  • Overview of undocumented changes made to an environment.
  • Configuration drift prevention.
  • Reduced troubleshooting time in complex environments where misconfigurations are often to blame.


What is it?

Remediation brings you time savings when proactively mitigating vulnerabilities. Easily remediate via auto-generated scripts for the issues that Runecast Analyzer discovers.

Why should I use it?

  • A list of problems is not enough, as teams need continual movement toward automation – while maintaining full control.
  • One-click remediation actions with you as the final validation point.
  • Instant support/guidance with remediation.
  • Desired time savings when proactively confronting issues and vulnerabilities.


What is it?

Hardware Compatibility automates the process of matching your hardware against the latest VMware Hardware Compatibility List (HCL). It can also simulate ESXi upgrades, to save you a lot of time when planning upgrades.

Why should I use it?

  • Replace hours of work previously spent extracting the right data from your environment and matching it with the HCL, one by one.
  • Simulate the future with the ESXi upgradability feature.
  • vSAN Checks in Production-ready HCL Analysis and the ESXi upgrade simulation feature increase visibility & transparency of how your environment is set up.
  • Get alerts when the maintenance status of any of your machines changes, so you have the heads up necessary to make adjustments at the right time.
  • All of this is done offline, removing any potential exposure.


What is it?

The Vulnerabilities feature is dedicated to highlight any applicable vulnerability for all your connected systems. Runecast Analyzer is constantly updated to detect the latest vulnerabilities for the supported technologies.

Why should I use it?

  • Get alerts for serious vulnerabilities that can affect your critical infrastructure. 
  • Take immediate action against the vulnerabilities to protect your environment.
  • Vulnerability management should be approached proactively.


What is it?

Runecast maintains a database of the latest Best Practices for AWS, Azure, Kubernetes and VMware (including SAP HANA on vSphere, Pure Storage on vSphere, and vSphere on Nutanix). It audits your environment continuously, reports violations and helps guide your priorities. Each Best Practice is checked against configurations from the scanned virtual infrastructure.

Why should I use it?

  • Avoid Best Practice deviations that can result in availability, performance and security issues.
  • Categorize Best Practices based on Severity and focus on what matters.
  • Keep your ever-evolving infrastructure in good shape.
  • Reduce time staying aligned to Best Practices.
  • Track your configuration changes as to where a Best Practice violation occurred or where you historically resolved it.
  • Generate Best Practice health check reports.

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