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First a big congratulations to all the new intake for H2 2021 of vExperts. I for one know this can feel like a massive achievement, so take 5 and relish in that feeling. 

In this announcement we saw a growth of 3.5% of vExperts, now totalling 2150.

You can check out the full list of 2021 vExperts in the vExpert Directory.

Many people have asked me why I apply for the program year on year and why I encourage others to do so. My simple reply is that it is one of the best communities to be involved in.  So what is the vExpert program? Officially it’s a technical advocacy program from VMware, and many interpret it as a certification that you need to achieve – but in my opinion it is a mindset. It's a great opportunity to meet amazing people who are all willing to help one another to get the best out of innovative IT products and also help with careers. I know I would not be where I am today without the support of some of the individuals within this group. It also opens up doors to get hands-on experience with things that you may not in your day-to-day role – which again also helps you to grow.

This is my terrible segue: if you are looking to get started and you have a passion for VMware (much like how our product was created) then do reach out to one of your local vExpert Pros. They are there to help mentor you or even discuss ways that you can demonstrate your passion. A full list of Pros can be found here. I am one in the UK, so do say Hi if you want some help. Personally, I love doing the mentoring as it is great to see that passion ignited in someone and have an opportunity to give back like others did to help me. 

At Runecast, we love all the passion you put into this, so we have great news for you! We offer a free NFR (not for resale) license for the home labs of all current vExperts and exclusive briefings to learn about our cool new features before they get rolled out to everybody else. If you’d like to sign up, just go to our vExpert signup page.

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