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There’s a host of new features coming out in Runecast 6.2 and in this blog we’re focusing on one area in particular: Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

We know that people use cloud platform providers, like GCP, because of the increased development speed, scalability and adaptability. Many businesses choose cloud computing to increase their availability or uptime, or their capacity, but these platforms are not without their challenges, like troubleshooting workloads, vulnerability assessments and security standard compliance. 

What Runecast brings to cloud platforms is clarity. Google Cloud is renowned for being a platform to manage and analyse large volumes of data, and Runecast enables you to maintain that platform at its highest operating efficiency. No matter the size of your Google Cloud environment, Runecast will give you actionable insights in moments.

Insight from your first scan

Our 6.2 release will mark the first time Runecast has offered support for GCP, and Runecast is prepared to give full insight into your GCP environments from the first scan. Runecast is one of the leading providers in the Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) and Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) spaces. What this means is that we help protect your hybrid- and multi-cloud infrastructure from risks due to misconfiguration or non-compliance (CSPM) and we ‘shift-left’ to help your development teams secure containerized deployments during the development process etc. (CNAPP). 

Runecast makes it simpler than ever to get and stay in control of your Google Cloud. With any new technology comes a period of adaptation. Basing your configuration upon known best practices that have been tried and tested, can ensure your technologies are running at optimum in the shortest amount of time. And this is just one of the areas where Runecast has you covered.

Runecast Google Cloud Platform Dashboard

Benchmarks and best practices

Once you connect your Google Cloud to Runecast you’ll be able to measure your compliance against the CIS Benchmarks and Google’s own best practices. There are areas where these best practices and benchmarks may overlap and this is completely normal. CIS have been working hard to create a set of useful and secure benchmarks for GCP in order to make your environment secure, above and beyond what Google recommend. While GCP can be used straight out of the box with no further configuration, this may not be the most secure way to operate for your organisation. 

Runecast CIS Benchmark for GCP

The CIS Benchmark for GCP works similar to the benchmarks provided for AWS and Azure, and both of those technology benchmarks can be found in Runecast. Within the main Runecast dashboard you’ll be able to see issues highlighted by any of these benchmarks, across all your hybrid- and multi-cloud environments. You’ll also see recommended next steps, including automatically generated Remediation scripts, tailored to your environment. Just like you would for any of the other connected services in Runecast.

Our Configuration Vault stores known good or ideal configurations, so that you can see any changes immediately. Configuration drift is one of the primary concerns of CSPM and a main reason for non-compliance during audits. With Runecast’s Configuration Vault you can see what has changed and when, so that you can easily return to your ideal state.

Runecast Configuration Vault for Google Cloud Platform

Efficiency for your Security and Ops teams

At Runecast we know we have a great platform. What’s driving us is the desire to increase its capabilities for our customers to be able to future-proof their IT environments. Rather than add unnecessary features, we want to bring the already great features and functionality we have to even more teams. 

If your team is using GCP, or any of our supported technologies, then get in touch and see how Runecast  can save you time and money.

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