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In person events come with a buzz that virtual events haven’t managed to match. Whether that be the coffee, the conversations or the crowds, the Runecast team are excited to be heading back out on the road.

Fresh from KubeCon in sunny Valencia, we’ll be in San Francisco for RSA 2022. As one of the headline security gatherings in the world, RSA is an excellent opportunity to meet new people and learn about everything that’s on offer in the Digital and Cyber Security space.

What we will be there to talk about

We’ll be there talking about all things security, things like vulnerability assessments, container security and operations, hybrid and multi cloud compliance, and how Runecast works with you to get you where you want to be, but faster. 

We know there’s more on offer at RSA than you could possibly get around in the limited time, but swing by our booth to meet our team and come away with some excellent swag, including stickers and LEGO figurines. We’ll also have a prize draw for some Bang and Olufsen headphones, which you could walk away with at the end of the conference.

Where to find us

Runecast will be located in the South Expo, at booth 665, or find us online at #RSAC Marketplace. A number of our management team will be there, including CRO Ched Smokovic and Head of R&D Constantin Ivanov. Swing by and get a demo of Runecast from the people who know it inside and out, there’s no better way to understand it. And if you want to get an idea of our Roadmap and where we’re headed, then have a chat with our Head of Product Management, Markus Strauss.

What gives us hope, and keeps us excited to get out there and meet you, is not just how fantastic you are, but how well the venues and organizers are looking out for all of us who attend. A few years ago we weren’t worried about things like infection rates following a conference, because there wasn’t the same risk. Now the world has changed and we are thankful for everyone who goes the extra mile to make sure that we can meet and share with minimal stress or fuss.

So, whether we see you physically or virtually at RSA, let’s get to know each other and come and see how Runecast can make things slicker and quicker in your work.

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