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In this article:

The following method describes how to migrate configuration settings from Runecast Analyzer 1.8.2.x to Runecast Analyzer 2.x

Settings that are being migrated:

  1. vCenter Connection
  2. Automatic schedule settings
  3. Alerting
  4. Licenses
  5. Log rotation settings
  6. User Profiles (Local and AD)
  7. Access tokens
  8. Filters
  9. Issue notes

What is not migrated:

  1. Enabled security profiles (PCI-DSS and DISA STIG)
  2. Manual answers (included in DISA STIG)
  3. Reconfiguration of ESXi hosts and/or VMs to send logs to Runecast Analyzer (in case new IP/DNS name is used for 2.x)
  4. Scan results



  1. Source Runecast Analyzer version 1.8.2.x
  2. Destination Runecast Analyzer version 2.0.0 to 2.5.2 *
  3. Both appliances are up and running
  4. The destination Runecast Analyzer is clean installation
  5. Connectivity on port 5432 between both appliances

* Important note: Runecast Analyzer 1.x is not supported from 15th of February 2019. 


  1. Log in to Runecast Analyzer version 1.8.2.x
  2. Run the script and make a note of the generated password:
    sudo /opt/runecast/migrate/
  3. Log in to Runecast Analyzer version 2.x
  4. Run the script with the following parameters: ​ 
    sudo /opt/runecast/scripts/migrate/ 12345678901
  5. Confirm the configuration were migrated to the Runecast Analyzer 2.x appliances
    Note: rcuser password will be the same as it was on Runecast Analyzer 1.8.2.x
  6. Once the data migration is confirmed, run the from Runecast Analyzer 1.8.2.x
    sudo /opt/runecast/migrate/


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