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In 2018, we continued changing the way how IT teams think of troubleshooting and compliance - from a reactive break/fix stressful actions to a proactive stress-free activity. We added many new features to Runecast Analyzer, we met many of you on events all over the world and we expanded our customer and partner base.

The year started with a great recognition – we won the Tech Trailblazers Award for Virtualization for 2017!

Runecast Analyzer 1-year challenge

During 2018, we introduced support for vSAN, NSX and Horizon, turning Runecast Analyzer into a proactive analytics solution for the entire VMware SDDC. We continued going strong on compliance, adding the most comprehensive VMware configuration checks for PCI-DSS and HIPAA, alongside DISA-STIG. Runecast Analyzer provides you not only with the automated technical checks, but also justification and mapping to specific controls and requirements from the official standard.

This tied in nicely with another major functionality we introduced – historical trending and analysis. Now you have detailed evidence of your historical security compliance posture. In fact, you have a history of all your configuration scans and the issues introduced or solved in your environment. Having the most comprehensive security compliance checks, mapping between technical checks and security controls and requirements, together with historical compliance evidence, is the perfect package you need for any audit.

We completely revamped the UI and kept user experience as a paramount. There is really a lot of thought that went into the new UI and I would highly recommend reading this excellent article showing you Behind the Scenes look from the UI Design process.

We advanced a lot on integrations – Runecast vRO plugin, vCenter Web Client, improved REST API.

Runecast main dashboard screenshot

Looking back at 2018, I am proud we delivered on our commitment to protect your VMware SDDC from any known issue out there, whether it was found in the VMware Knowledge Base, security standards, white papers, blog articles or other vendors’ knowledge bases. One prime example is the major CPU security vulnerabilities like Spectre/Meltdown and L1TF.
Runecast was fast to react (in a matter of hours) to the quickly changing information pouring from various different resources. That’s just a small example of 1600+ rules Runecast currently covers, but it’s certainly something that made the whole IT world sweat.

We love meeting you in person – our customers, partners, bloggers, and friends

From Tokyo to NYC, Sydney to Frankfurt and many other cities around the world, it was truly exciting to showcase the magic of Runecast and listen to your feedback and ideas on future problems to tackle. Naturally, the biggest events of the year were the VMworlds in Las Vegas and Barcelona. We were honored to be named VMworld 2018 Best of Show by DCIG and later on recognized as finalist of the 2018 UK IT Industry Awards for "Infrastructure Innovation of the Year". Along with the in-person feedback, we appreciated your awesome reviews on the Gartner owned Capterra platform.

Speaking of events, I think we should be getting an award for best merchandise too. If you haven’t checked out the KB Hunt VMware admin card game – you should. Meet us at the next event near you to get your deck.

KB Hunt VMware admin card game

Our customer base kept growing with organizations from various verticals. It is important to note the significant number of large financial and government/defense organizations who became Runecast customers in 2018, demonstrating the scalability, security and unique value Runecast Analyzer offers for any type of environment.

In 2018, we continued our strong partnership with VMware, certifying Runecast for VMC on AWS, as well as the Runecast Web Client plug-in, and established the beginning of new technological partnerships with the likes of HPE, IBM and others. We also appreciate the strong collaboration our partner resellers like Fujisoft, Idicos, Systematika and many more.

During 2018, we gradually grew our Runecast family and strengthened our forces to accelerate our development and the value we bring to you.

Runecast family

We welcome the new year with excitement, with cool new features in the works and growing tech partnerships. Runecast is a hot one to watch in 2019. Don’t take it from me, but from IDG Connect!

Stan Markov | CEO of Runecast
You can reach me on Twitter.

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