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IT Procurement teams face a thankless task in an often forgotten space. In smaller companies, IT procurement is often an afterthought, with purchases rushed through because a new shiny toy has arrived on the scene and someone must have it. In larger companies, IT procurement can be seen as a necessary evil.

Good procurement practices can often be interpreted as someone dragging their feet, or unnecessarily slowing down the pace of change. And that’s to say nothing of the conflicting messages that can come from different stakeholders who seem to need different tools to solve the same problem. And they needed it all yesterday. Conflicting messages, changing scopes and shortening timescales can mean the procurement process is rushed and undervalued. But good procurement teams act as a Change Advisory Board on a company’s finances and infrastructure. They stop money being wasted on extraneous purchases and ensure that the budget is spent wisely, focused on the areas of highest need and aligned with business growth.

At Runecast we believe in good governance and the proper controls. We believe in weighing the options and coming to wisely considered decisions. Our platform is built to remove the simple and mundane tasks from Security and Operations teams, giving them more time to make the difficult and vital decisions. But this is not just a problem faced by Security and Operations teams. IT Procurement and Governance teams face the same issues.

Pain is pain

Many of the pain points that we have seen in the technical side of IT are seen in the administrative side as well.

Many disparate sources of information, which are often outdated, or with key information missing. Manually tracking licence information for hundreds of products, if not more. And barely anyone has the time to chase down missing information. New tools are brought in to replace old tools, which may not have been decommissioned properly and you may still be paying for them. It’s not malicious, it’s simply the relentless speed of change. All of these small overheads add up until there’s no space for the important procurement decisions.

Runecast is a simplification platform. It is designed to take the place of many tools and remove their associated headaches. Instead of tens of licences for your tools covering AWS, Azure, GCP, VMware, Kubernetes, Windows and Linux there’s now one tool with one licence, stored safely in your customer portal. Instead of conversations with dozens of departments, searching for the best prices, finding the company that has taken over the contract, being passed from pillar to post, there’s one team. One smiling and capable support team who are here to make your job easier. And we know that’s true, because our customers on G2 rated us as the easiest to do business with and having the best support.

With Runecast fuss is kept to a minimum. Your technicians appreciate how easy it is to deploy updates and you will appreciate how easy it is to stay up to date. No hidden extra costs for updates, no additional work, just one product that stays at the cutting edge of security, replacing hours of manual work for both teams.

We challenge you to be proactive

Runecast can save you time and money. We’re so certain of the fact that we’re offering the Runecast Challenge: If our platform doesn’t discover a minimum of 10 issues previously unknown to your team, you’ll get 12 months free*

*See Terms & Conditions

Runecast is a platform built on offering a simpler way. We bring the power of automation, predictive intelligence and powerful data analysis to help you sleep at night. Operations and Security teams are benefitting from it, why shouldn’t Procurement teams too?

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