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Runecast 6.2 is a major release which adds depth and breadth to our patented security and operations platform.

The list of changes, improvements and feature additions is so large that we’ve broken it down into a series of articles.

Hello Google

Adding Google Cloud Platform (GCP) support to Runecast means that we now cover the top three cloud suppliers, removing the need for another tool. Our support for GCP means you can now ensure that your Google Cloud measures up to the CIS Benchmarks and Google’s own guidelines. 

With Runecast 6.2 you’re now able to extend our Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) capabilities across so many platforms, whether that’s hybrid- or multi-cloud, or physical hardware with VMware – and that’s not even mentioning our coverage for Operating Systems. 

Learn about Runecast for GCP here.

Kubernetes Security

Kubernetes Security Posture Management (KSPM) is the vital practice of securing your containerised workloads. Runecast is making that easier, and providing even more insight, by going deeper. Runecast’s scans now include both the cluster and node level, for even more peace of mind.

Combined with our Admissions Policies, in the CI/CD pipeline, you can make sure that your workloads are secure and free of vulnerabilities from the first pull request. 

Read more about our Kubernetes upgrades here.

‘Always on’ Operations

We haven’t forgotten about more traditional operations either, with integrations that are designed to make your teams work quicker and simpler. We’re integrating with Jira and OpenID Connect, aiming to remove clicks in your daily work and make inroads with the small and big things.

One of the big improvements is that our All Issues View now includes the ability to compare data sets from any scan, opening up the visibility into your infrastructure. 

There’s also an improvement to the tags and information collected from vSphere. If you want to find out more, we have it all detailed here.

Security to help you sleep

Over recent releases there have been a large number of security capability upgrades in Runecast, culminating in the 6.2 release. This is the combination of proactive protection, OS and infrastructure security standards along with the depth of data that Runecast offers you. Bringing hidden vulnerabilities to the light and showing you how to remediate and move on to safer and more secure systems. 

These changes are discussed in more detail here.

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