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In our journey to progress what we do and learn more on how to improve ourselves in response to the fast changing IT industry, we have been reading articles on IT strategies and one article in particular caught our attention.

In this article from CIO DIVE, titled ’CIO’s called to quickly show return on technology investment’, we see responses and ideas on how CIOs benefited from showing the value of a product early on.

Out with the old 

In the article, it says that businesses create friction when they modernize technology. We believe that is true. Well, in some ways. We know that technology is evolving with gigantic steps and this is hugely changing the way we do business nowadays. People need more digital services and products which will make their lives easier, and save time and effort in their daily tasks. “Changing old ways of doing work”, as it says, requires time, resources and money. But it doesn't have to be like that anymore. 

A smoother journey

We at Runecast are committed to making the digital transformation journey easy and achievable for every business. You don’t need ‘more time’, to switch to a digital environment, or ‘more resources’. All you need is one solution that will fix all these issues. Yes, you heard that right. Runecast is a platform that has automated most of the manual work you did in ‘ancient’ times. It provides you with real-time, automated and actionable insights for configuration management, security compliance and vulnerability assessment, for complex on-premises, hybrid and multi cloud IT environments.  

Pick up the pace

The article goes on to mention that more than 8 in 10 CEOs want to maintain or increase their pace of digital transformation, but many CIOs face hesitation. We are happy to hear that a lot of CEOs see the benefit of digital, but at the same time feel the pain of CIOs, who have to show value of the investment in this journey early on, or even immediately. As much as it is needed, digital transformation comes with a lot of challenges and needs to be carefully planned. [Read our article about proactively moving to cloud native status here. CIOs need to take into account all the technical debts before deciding which technologies, platforms, systems or software to use. IT Security and Operations teams need to be trained and have the right expertise in order to apply the best practices and secure the data. Taking all that into consideration, the article says “there is a benefit in showing the value early on”. 

We know the long and uncomfortable conversations between CIOs, who need to ensure the Return on Investment (ROI), and executives, whose responsibility is to provide and communicate a path forward. In the article, Akira Bell, senior vice president and CIO at Mathematica, said that it is important to show to executives what the win looks like.  When CIOs show value of technology investment early on they are well on the way to  ensuring the ROI. 

Runecast offers immediate ROI

Runecast is the investment you need to ensure ROI, a simple solution that will replace all the old and expensive tools that you use. It assures you in-depth insight into your environment and makes your security journey easy. You don’t have to use many different tools in order to ensure that your environment is secure, instead, you can use one single platform that will enable you to achieve that. 

We know that digital transformation is inevitable and you may be thinking, ‘how do I secure my environment and at the same time ensure return on investment? We have the solution. We know that no one likes to have a lot of tools to administer and maintain, and that each of them needs special attention for licensing, updates, maintenance, support contracts and procurement procedures. We’re different. Our customers often report ROI from the very first scan of their IT environments. That's why we built Runecast.

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