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Looking back at 2016, we see a year that has brought many global changes. If we wanted to summarize what this year was all about for Runecast - it would be: develop, sell, expand, repeat.
Runecast Solutions has started 2016 by receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback for its flagship product, Runecast Analyzer. From VMUGs in Sydney, Melbourne, London, Prague and Brno to VMworld in Las Vegas and Barcelona, whenever VMware enthusiasts heard about the benefits Runecast Analyzer has to offer, high praise was never far behind. After the high praise, lots of deep technical questions usually followed and before you knew it, the conversation ended up with a list of suggestions to make Runecast Analyzer even more useful for the VMware community.
Runecast development team has been working around the clock to make sure all those suggestions ended up in the product. By doing so, Runecast Analyzer users around the globe have saved countless hours in their precious schedule. Time they would have usually spent firefighting issues and tightening security policies could now be spent on system expansion, optimization and other interesting projects.
One of the coolest features that were released in 2016 was the multi-tenancy feature. This feature has been requested more times than we care to admit and we were thrilled to be able to meet and exceed our customers expectations and offer this functionality as part of Runecast Analyzer. 

When we look at 2017, there is one word that can describe our plans better than any other. Expansion.
With its increasing number of users, Runecast is ready to expand all aspects of our operations. We plan to be in a position to make sure other features are released and many new customers benefit from them.
If you want to contribute to our growth, check out our jobs page.
We are excited about 2017 and we thank you for your support!

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