Customer Success Stories

Read our Case Studies to see how Runecast Analyzer benefits companies across verticals with major time savings, cost savings, and increased uptime – for AWS cloud and VMware SDDCs.


Skyguide provides mission-critical air-navigation services to 1.2 million flights annually in the region of Switzerland. Along with its civil and military partners, Skyguide continuously improves its air navigation and related services. Runecast Analyzer provides Skyguide a grouped/centralized view of what is happening in its VMware infrastructure, increases team productivity, and mitigates risks and chances of outages.


Europe’s largest online fragrance and beauty retailer relies on Runecast Analyzer for real-time support and mitigation of datacenter downtime. The company provides more than 1,500 brands and 60,000 products, with deliveries to more than 400 million European customers. By using Runecast for an hour each day, Notino’s issues have been reduced to about 1 per month and are shown, immediately upon identification, in the Runecast Analyzer dashboard.

Victor Central Schools

Victor Central Schools District provides education services to roughly 4,500 students in upstate New York. The VCS campus comprises 166 acres and offers students 32 after-school clubs in the high school alone. Read how within the first few months of using Runecast Analyzer, VCS proactively identified and fixed more than 20 critical issues in their environment.

de Volksbank

Runecast Analyzer saves de Volksbank 75% troubleshooting time to ensure uninterrupted access to their services by millions of customers across the Netherlands.

DLR – German Aerospace Center

Keeping a disparate VMware vSphere environment stable and resilient was a challenge for DLR. Runecast Analyzer provides risk mitigation for business critical IT systems supporting space missions.

Seijo University

Runecast Analyzer helps VMUG Japan leader maintain Seijo University network in a smart and efficient way.

Pacific Seafood

Pacific Seafood required a product that provides reporting to give management meaningful metrics to verify the IT department is doing the necessary work to secure the VMware environment, plus follows accepted industry accepted best practices.

Johnson Service Group (JSG)

Runecast Analyzer provides unparalleled insights into JSG's virtual infrastructure to ensure risk mitigation of any major outages.


PRO BTP utilizes Runecast Analyzer to keep their VMware virtual infrastructure running at optimal performance and enabling their IT department to run more efficiently.

Laboral Kutxa

Runecast Analyzer identified very important latent issues including ones causing purple screen of death, network connectivity issues, ESXi host failures and virtual machine failures.


Read how ONI managed to reach 70-80% man-hours time savings and increase security with the help of Runecast Analyzer.

NCC Media

NCC Media harnesses the enormous reach and consumer power of cable television programming, new interactive technologies, and online products in every US market. Read how NCC reduces outages and issues by 75% with Runecast Analyzer.


Telit - a global enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT) - relies on Runecast Analyzer to meet their systems uptime goals and business SLAs. It enables them to keep their data centers more secured, reduce risks and saves them multiple thousands of dollars per year in time and external resource costs.​

Indonesian Cloud

By leveraging Runecast Analyzer, Indonesian Cloud was able to proactively resolve numerous high profile issues which in a matter of minutes, a task which would normally take months to complete. In addition, the audit readiness has been vastly improved and Indonesian Cloud has complete visibility over the compliance of all their systems.

BYU Idaho

The visibility that Runecast Analyzer delivers has mitigated the risk of huge potential outages for BYU-Idaho. Implementing Runecast Analyzer has delivered a number of advantages for BYU Idaho, including time and cost savings and ensuring their VMware vSphere environment operates at optimal performance.


Runecast Analyzer enables NJVC to operate their VMware environment in a secure, compliant and optimal manner. Runecast Analyzer also significantly mitigates downtime for NJVC, saving many man-hours of time-consuming troubleshooting.

Innovative Public Transportation Solution Provider

See how our customer managed to reach 80% time and effort savings of maintaining secure environments.

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