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Thank you for attending our virtual conference. Runecast would like to thank our sponsors and partners, including Advent One, Loop1, and Prianto, as well as DevTeam.Space and VMware User Group (AKA VMUG).

An introduction to your UPTIME 2021 host: Runecast

First, we would like to give you a little bit of an update on Runecast, because some of you might have known us for quite some time and others might be hearing about Runecast for the first time. Many of you probably know us as the product that helps you discover some hidden issues in your configuration or logs in VMware environments.

But over the last couple of years we have evolved a lot, just as our customers and everybody in the community has evolved. Here at Runecast we always want to advance our knowledge. Many years ago Runecast started with just VMware, but in the last few years public cloud has become more and more popular, and enterprises started embracing more and more public clouds, not just one.

And then came hybrid multi cloud

Added to that, Kubernetes or Containerization became also very popular, especially in the last couple of years. So naturally, all of us at Runecast had to up our knowledge and learn the ever-changing best practices or guidelines for public clouds, for containers, and learn how to combine that with the on-premises infrastructure that we still have.

Many organizations ended up having hybrid-cloud or multi-cloud infrastructure, and naturally Runecast is here to help with our expertise and not just for on-premises VMware. If you have a hybrid-cloud or multi-cloud setup, you can now use Runecast Analyzer to have one single view of potential risks, misconfigurations and compliance for your on-premises VMware, your public AWS cloud, Azure and Kubernetes.

And we're also compliant with VMware cloud on AWS, so you can use Runecast Analyzer for that, and deploy it not just on-premises, but you can deploy it in AWS and the AWS Marketplace, Azure Marketplace or a Containerized deployment anywhere you want.

The essence remains the same

We're still keeping the essence of Runecast, which is to help admins and organizations save time and costs and to help IT operations automate their security compliance. Runecast is not just for proactive problem management and Best Practice alignment – over the last few years we have added vulnerability management, cloud security posture management (CSPM) and upgrade planning. As many of you might know, you can plan the upgrades of your vSphere environment and simulate it to see whether there will be any problems once you decide to upgrade.

Last, but not least, configuration drift management has been added along with something we’re really excited about, Config Vault. This tracks every change that happens in your environment, showing what changed and at what time. Using Config Vault you can see the consistency of your configuration across your VMware environment, AWS, Azure and Kubernetes.

Another thing that's really important, which you may have seen in one of the sessions, is Remediation. Runecast Analyzer provides unmatched insights into your infrastructure and what you need to change in order to avoid outages or security problems, but obviously you have to spend some time mitigating those risks and doing remediation. Well now Runecast offers a remediation capability. With just one click of a button, you can generate either a Power CLI script or Ansible playbook and choose to run it immediately, or attach it to a change control and run it later.

The #UPTIME2021 sessions

These are great features that you will have seen throughout a number of sessions in UPTIME 2021 and in just one of the tracks.

We have three tracks: tech tutorials, best practices and proactiveness, and business innovations.

At Runecast, we really like our product. This conference is built by Admins for Admins, and we think one of the most valuable things that we can do is learn from each other. Which is the reason for the variety of sessions. Of course, some of them are related to Runecast, but many are not. We have topics related to security, proactive management, hybrid cloud management, cloud costs, HCI maturity framework.

Loop1’s maturity assessment framework: L1M3

The HCI maturity framework included the CEO of Loop1 and we would encourage you to watch that one again as it covers a very interesting framework, known as L1M3 (LIME), that was built by Loop1 that assesses the maturity of your system management tools. This means you can see whether you're going in the right direction, combining the right tools and platforms to be the most optimized and proactive and insightful when it comes to managing your environment.

Stay fresh and avoid burnout

We also had sessions related to mental health and burnout. Because let's face it, we all experienced that, especially in the last year where things have been challenging around the world as well. It’s really important to consciously and strategically strive to avoid burnout and really maintain good mental health.

VMUG benefits

You will also see a session about VMUG and learning. We're all here to learn and we're really happy to learn more about what we can get by signing up for VMUG subscription.

And much much more

There are sessions for Fintech solutions, disaster recovery, business continuity and also ransomware and how we can be ready for it, because sooner or later, no matter how much we protect ourselves, it may happen.

There are many, many other sessions and we're really blessed to have speakers like Duncan Epping, Andrea Mauro, Kev Johnson and many others.

So please make sure to check out as many sessions as possible – there’s something for everyone.

We also had three round tables as well, two of them sponsored by our partners and one of them the community lunch that's sponsored by Runecast.


Thank you again for taking the time to come to UPTIME 2021. There are a lot of virtual events out there, and I'm pretty sure that you're going to like this one, even just the replays. We really made it with love.

Adapted from Runecast CEO & CoFounder Stan Markov’s keynote welcome speech.

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